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It's the END ...


After 8 months, It's time to stop the blog: the movie is out, the Promotion is over as the award season ... so there is nothing new to add on this blog. At the Beginning, I couldn't think that I would enjoy doing this blog as it actually was, and I hope you enjoyed it too. I just wanted to share my obsession about this Movie and its fantastic cast and as said Hugh Jackman last year at the Oscars "the Musical is back". I will keep the blog online, but it will not be updated anymore.

I re-open the commentaries ... so please comment if you want to say what you think of this blog.

Thank you to the people who helped me finding videos or news or pics, sometimes I didn't answer to your mails but thank you.


Daniel Day Lewis has no projects.

Marion will next appear in Christopher Nolan's film Inception, alongsideLeonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page which will be released on July 16, 2010 and in Guillaume Canet's film Little White Lies. She's also in talks to star alongside Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Matt Damon in Steven Soderbergs thriller film Contagion and to join the next Woody Allen's Project.

As a great fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, Penelope will next appear alongside her idole on the sequel of Sex and the City. Moreover, she is currently in talks to join the next episode of the franchise Pirates of The Carabbean alongside the amazing Johnny Depp and directed by Rob Marshall.

Nicole will appear with Aaron Eckhart in the film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Rabbit Hole. Nicole will also star in The Danish Girl, a film adaptation of the novel of the same name, playing Einar Wegener, the world's first post-op transsexual, in which she appears opposite Gwyneth Paltrow. She also plan to appear in the next Adam Sandler's comedy alongside Jennifer Aniston.

Judi renewed her collaboration with Sir Peter Hall at the Rose Theatre in Kingston upon Thames in A Midsummer Night's Dream which opened in February 2010, when she played Titania as Elizabeth I of England in her later years. She is also set to start in the next James Bond opus and in Jane Eyre later in the year.

Kate recently starred in the film adaptation of Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me alongside Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba which premiered on January 24, 2010 at the Sundance Film Festival. Moreover, She is currently shooting the new film of Nicole Kassel Earthbound alonside Kathy Bates and Whoopy Goldberg.

Fergie will be on tour all year all around the world. With her group the Black Eyed Peas, she recently won 3 grammys including Best pop record of the year.

Sophia will next appear in an italian TV production called La mia casa è piena di specchi.


EVENT : The 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Marion Cotillard: A tiger's fantasy Nine lives

If you value your life, don't confuse the real Marion Cotillard with the characters she plays onscreen.
"When people ask me how I am like Edith Piaf, how I am like Luisa Contini, then I become very mad," she declared, eyes blazing. "I am an actress and they are characters I am playing. Why is that so hard for some people to understand?"

After five minutes in her presence, you not only understand her point perfectly, but you wonder how anyone could make the mistake.
Cotillard took the world by storm as Piaf in La Vie en rose, winning anOscar for her performance as the decrepit, drug-addled "little sparrow" who scorched the concert stage with her self-destructive songs.

And now, she is exquisite in Nine as the liquid-eyed Luisa, suffering through the infidelities and humiliations that her husband, internationally acclaimed film director Guido Contini, keeps publicly inflicting on her, until she can take no more and strikes back in a fantasy striptease number of unparalleled masochism.

But she's neither of these women. Nor is she the mischievous Fanny from A Good Year, the battered Billie Frechette from Public Enemies or ... well, you get the picture.
"What I love about my job and why I'm doing this is the desire to understand someone else. And you don't have to be someone to understand them."
She tilts her head to one side and smiles. An artist who wanted to paint the trueCotillardwould find himself using colours like dusty rose or aubergine. There's an almost palpable warmth emanating from her, but it's not coupled with the usual empty cheerfulness found in many Hollywood stars.
"Look, if you work all the time, if just do movie after movie, you're playing another person more than you're being yourself and the real you can get lost that way.

"If you don't live your real life, then you become empty and the only place you can find authentic inspiration is in reality. That's where the truth is."
To play Luisa, she went for her inspiration to a pair of real directors' wives.
Because Nine is based on Fellini's autobiographical 8 1/2, it's always been understood that the long-suffering wife who gave up her acting career for a while was inspired by Fellini's spouse,Giulietta Masina.
"Yes, part of my inspiration was her," says Cotillard. "If you look at the films she made for Fellini in their early days together, you can see a great artist who was also a very fragile woman.
"But I found even more material in the documentary film called Hearts of Darkness, about (Francis Ford) Coppola shooting Apocalypse Now. His wife Eleanor had to endure the most blatant infidelities on the set, much like Luisa does with Guido, but yet she remained so dedicated to him until he finally pushed her too far. Just like Guido does with Luisa."

Cotillard has slipped into a world where the real Giulietta and Eleanor have taken equal footing with the fictional Luisa and you begin to see how her art is formed.
"When you understand someone, you can love them no matter how terrible they seem to be. She knows that Guido, as an artist, as a director, lives in a world where his desires are all fulfilled. I want this set, I want this costume..." She stops, with a catch in her throat. "I want this actress. So you take them all.

"Luisa can deal with the physical infidelity, even though it is painful to her. What she finds unforgivable is the lie."
She slips into one of her songs from the film, "My Husband Makes Movies," whispering a few lines softly in her endearingly husky tremolo.
"Singing with Guido all night on the phone ... long ago, someone else ago."
Then she looks up suddenly and Luisa has vanished.
"Rob (Marshall) told me he wanted to make people feel Guido ought to be with Luisa again. That was my job. Where do I find it all? In my character. Never in myself."
Her voice rises again. "I will never, never use something from my own life. I feel it is too dangerous.
"If you wake up an old pain, for example, because you have to cry in a scene, then how do you put that pain back to sleep again?"
But where did Cotillard find the depths of degradation she needed to allow a room full of men to paw her as she stripped in front of her husband in the fantasy song "Take It All"?
"I found it in Luisa. She carried me through it. It's such a gift for an actress to find a character who will enable her to free herself that completely.

"You can't find it in every part you play, but when you do, you say `Yes, I am free! Thank you, my friend!'"

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EVENT : Penelope Cruz attends a press conference for her nomination (3/6)

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Oprah 'Oscar Special' - Penelope Cruz Interviewed by Halle Berry

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DIOR - Lady Rouge - Marion Cotillard

Nothing with NINE, well except ... marion Cotillard. I love the Song and the clip.

A new pic of Marion

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