Saturday, October 17, 2009

HEAD to HEAD[ The Part of Liliane La Fleur ] - [6/6]

Liliane is a French film producer who is working with Guido on his latest film. Although he doesn't remember their meeting, he has convinced her that he has a brilliant idea for a musical. When Lilianearrives in Venice to check on his progress, Guido must convince her that the film is well under way even though he hasn't even thought of an idea. She sings the song "Follies Bergere."
For the Film, Liliane is not producer anymore but a costume designer and a confident for Guido.

According to the Music director Paul Bogaev, before Judi Dench was cast, Marion "Cotillard auditioned for the producer but was cast as the wife".
Barbra Streisand was also considered for that part.

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