Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day-Lewis Co-stars Thrilled By Daniel

Daniel Day-Lewis thrilled Nine co-star Fergie by leaving love notes in her trailer.

The Irish actor had stationery created under his character Guido's name and wrote beautiful messages to Saraghina, the woman played by the pop star in the movie.
She tells WENN, "I'd go into my dressing room and I'd find this little note and it would be on Guido stationery. He would write me little notes as Guido. They were very cute and very charming."

And Kate Hudson, another co-star, also has special keepsakes from Day-Lewis: "As a man in character off set, he's present and sees you. He brings you into it writing notes to you as his character... He would write, 'The number was great. Love, Guido.' And what a keepsake. I still have it."

They're not the only ones smitten by the hard-working, charming Irishman - Sophia Loren, who plays Guido's mother in the film, adds, "He's very strange and I love him a lot," while Penelope Cruz admits she was terribly nervous about first meeting Day-Lewis.
She recalls, "He is one of my favourite actors and I think he's one of the masters of actors of all time (sic). I heard a lot of stories about the way he works but I tried not to listen to those stories and see for myself.
"I arrived and I went to the stage where they were rehearsing a number and he wasn't in it. I saw a man dressed in a suit standing in the corner just watching. For two hours I didn't recognise him. It was Daniel; he was always on the set."

And Nicole Kidman admits the acting great brought an extreme calm to the set: "I remember when we shot our scenes we barely spoke. We would sit in the little room together and I felt comfortable enough to have a nap in front of him. We were silent around each other." »


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