Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kidman & Marshall Call On Hudson To Consider Broadway Musical

Nicole Kidman and her Nine director Rob Marshall are urging Kate Hudson to consider a leading role in a Broadway musical after the actress wowed them both with her performance in the film.
The actress' number is among the high points of the much-anticipated new film - and it might help garner her an Oscar nomination .

Kidman and Marshall think the time is now right for Hudson to take her musical skills to the New York stage.

The Aussie Oscar winner says, "I came into the rehearsal and I saw Kate dancing up a storm. That was my first day and I was very jet-lagged but I went, 'Wow, that was amazing.' I can't wait for people to see that part of her.
"Maybe she'll do a Broadway show out of this because she so deserves the lead in a show."

And her director, Marshall, agrees: "She (Hudson) has this hidden talent that nobody knows about. She opened her mouth to sing and there was this incredible singer and then when she moved I saw this proper dancer.
"She was a knock-out and it was thrilling to discover. I'm so proud of what she did in this film." »


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