Friday, November 20, 2009

Marion Cotillard's perfect 10: French star gives award-winning performance as jilted wife in film musical Nine

Marion Cotillard scores a ten in Nine as Guido Contini's demure wife Luisa, who is humiliated time and again by her roving-eyed husband.

Every wife who has ever been hurt by an errant husband will recognise the particularly private pain Marion evokes.

She gets to sing two numbers - My Husband Makes Movies (To Make Them He Lives A Kind Of Dream) and then the killer new song Take It All, written by Maury Yeston, which she performs while doing a slinky striptease.
Guido's fantasies have turned into nightmares and Take It All is how he imagines his wife taking her revenge on him.

'Luisa keeps things inside - she's an actress, too.
'She has things inside her that have to come out,' Marion explained.
'The anger is everything but sexy: it's fury, it's sadness, so my reference was her pain.'

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