Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Men Behind NINE - Anthony Minghella [4/5]

Anthony Minghella was born on January 6, 1954. After graduating from the University of Hull, Minghella took a position as a university lecturer, but quit academia to focus on the theater and songwriting. He oversaw the music in many of his movies.

Minghella was employed as a scriptwriter on the
British TV series "Maybury" (1981) and "Inspector Morse" (1987) and, as a script editor on the British TV series "Grange Hill" (1978), before succ
eeding as a dramatist in the West End, London's equivalent of Broadway. In 1984, the London Theatre Critics named him Most Promising Playwright of the Year and, two years later, his drama "Made in Bangkok" won the the London Theatre Critics' award for best play.

An Anthony Minghella film assured movie-goers would enjoy a film blessed with a literate script, superlative performances and first-rate production values. His great craftsmanship was apparent fromthe beginning, with the bittersweet 1990 comedy Truly Madly Deeply
(1990), in which the ghost of Alan Rickman comes back to his lady loveJuliet StevensonJ, with unintended consequences. The theme of a ghostly love also was present in The English Patient(1996) his greatest success.

It is for that film he will be best remembered. Minghella claimed that with The English Patient(1996), which won nine Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, that he had reached the heights of his directing career.

Anthony Minghella died of a hemorrhage on the morning of March 18, 2008 at Charing Cross Hospital in London, England. The 54-year-old Minghella had undergone an operation to remove a growth on his neck the previous week. He was survived by his wife, Carolyn Choa, and their two children, Max Minghella, who is an actor, and Hannah Minghella, who worked as a production assistant.

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