Saturday, November 28, 2009

Who is Who ? - Luisa [8/8]

Name: CONTINI Luisa
Interpreted by : Marion Cotillard

Nationality: French/Italian
Her relation to Guido: His Wife
Her Songs:
My Husband Makes Movies
Take it All

Description: Luisa Contini was a young actress who felt in love with a young director and married him. Since then she is a wife who knows openly about the relationships of her husbund to other women.

Marion Cotillard said about her character "I love Luisa because she’s an authentic lover. She’s more than his wife: she’s his confidante, his best friend. She’s really a person committed to this relationship. She loves him. She lives for him. She stands by her man. What she gave up for him is not painful – what’s painful is how the relationship turned out to be, because she realises that the confidence they used to share is collapsing, and what she lives for is going away"

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