Friday, November 13, 2009

Who is Who ? - Liliane La Fleur [2/8]

Name: LA FLEUR Liliane
Interpreted by :Judi Dench

Nationality: French
Her relation to Guido:The Confidante
Her Song: Folies Bergere

Description: Liliane is a costume designer who is working with Guido on his latest film. Although he doesn't remember their meeting, he has convinced her that he has a brilliant idea for a musical. When Liliane arrives in Venice to check on his progress, Guido must convince her that the film is well under way even though he hasn't even thought of an idea.

Judi Dench said about her character "She's probably Guido's greatest friend and confidante. She is the person he can completely relax with. tere is nothing of his life thaht she doesn't know. She becomes a kind of quasi-mother, friend person. There is a wonderful set where my work room is and it's obviously a place where is feels he can day anything he wants"

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Kidman Winslet Hunter said...

Judi's Lili is not Italian.

Fan #1 said...

yeah, I Forgot She Was French!

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