Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who is Who ? - Saraghina [3/8]

Name: Saraghina
Interpreted by : Stacy Ferguson

Nationality: italian
Her relation to Guido:The whore
Her Song: Be Italian

Description: Saraghina is the woman who first introduced young Guido to sex. In flashback, Guido skips school to go visit the prostitute who teaches him the ways of love. She sings "Ti Voglio Bene/Be Italian.

Stacy Ferguson said about her character "Saraghina is a very earthy character. Everything about her is animal, about feeling. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed. She turns tricks for the sailors for cash to make her way but these litlle boys like young Guido she does a little peep show, a soulder here, a leg there. These days, it would probably be going all the way. But the duality of the character is that she has a nurturing relationship with Guidi and the boys. It's almost like the big-sister type of thing"

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