Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dancing 'Half Naked': The scariest part on 'NINE'

Marion Cotillard's work in the splashy new musical "Nine" earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress - Comedy or Musical on Tuesday morning (December 15). That's a good indication that theOscar-winning actress successfully got over her initial fears about having to dance and sing in very little clothing while acting opposite the greatDaniel Day-Lewis.

Which factor was most intimidating? "At the beginning of the process, it would be Daniel, dancing half-naked and singing," Cotillard told MTV News. "I was very intimidated by Daniel, and then you get to know him and to work with him and when you start working and the working process ... I mean, the admiration grows, if it can grow, because it was already so big."

As shooting for the Rob Marshall-directed flick progressed, the actress said her order of fears changed. "At the end, I would say dancing half-naked, singing and Daniel," she said, adding that it's not necessarily because she was less in awe of her co-star. "But then you're always alone when you're facing all those people and you're half-naked and you're singing. And it's only your voice."

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