Saturday, January 9, 2010

Penelope Cruz's Nine Tears

Penelope Cruz cried when she finished filming 'Nine'.
The Oscar-winning actress - who plays Carla Albanese, who seducesDaniel Day-Lewis' character, director Guido Contini, in the musical film - enjoyed working on the movie so much she burst into tears when she finished shooting her dancing scenes.

She told Britain's Hello! magazine: "I did so much rehearsal to get control on the number, but what I didn't know untill I got to the set was how dark it was going to be. I was dancing in the dark, which feels dangerous because you have to be so alert not to hurt yourself."
"It took a long time to shoot that number, three 12-hour days, and I got bruises. By the end, my hands were bleeding from sliding up and down the rope. But I enjoyed it, yes. When it was over and I realised I wouldn't get to do it again, I cried."

It was like starting again all over
While she loved the movie, the 35-year-old actress admits it was hard work preparing for her dance scenes - which saw her swinging on ropes and sliding down satin sheets.

She explained: "It was like starting again all over. When I saw the choreography the first day, I thought it was almost impossible to be able to get to dance and sing like that, and do the whole number at once without stopping. It was three months of rehearsing for that number, every day a little more, a little more. The day that you get to run the number without stopping, you feel like you are flying , such a beautiful feeling."

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