Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bonding with the Beautiful Ladies of 'NINE'

Oscar bait Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillardand Fergie join screen veterans Dame Judi Dench and Sophia Loren in the highly anticipated musical 'Nine' from 'Chicago' director Rob Marshall.

"I auditioned for different [roles for the film], and I would have been happy with any of the characters; I just really wanted to be part of this movie," says Penelope. "I really love dance and I really love music, but I have never been able to sing professionally in any way before this movie -- only in my karaoke at home. I am very shy about singing."

"It was fascinating to be able to dance and sing and learn and play with all of these women and really get to know them," says Nicole. "That just doesn't happen often, and I think we're really tight because of it."

"It was like a family," agrees screen legend Sophia. "We were eating together, and we were trying to root for each other because I don't think that any of [the ladies had experience] in musicals. … So I knew that we were going to get along very well together, and we did."

"I think it's a very special movie," says Marion. "It's a movie about art, love, cinema, entertainment -- and it's also a movie about how you can lose yourself if you don't live your real life."

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