Monday, March 1, 2010

Kate Hudson / Show-Stopping Nine

Kate Hudson shines in a show-stopping number in her new movie 'Nine,' and the Oscar-nominated star dishes on working with such co-stars asNicole Kidman and Daniel Day Lewis."It was a great year -- even better fall,"

In 'Nine,' Kate channels her go-go-boot-wearing mom Goldie Hawn's "Laugh-In" days in a rollicking musical number, showing her versatile side by dancing and really belting it out.
"[A big song-and-dance number has] always been something I wanted to do," says Kate. "My mother was a big believer in if you want to do this in your life, you have to go for it. … For her to watch her daughter [singing and dancing], the essence is we're performers and that's in our blood, and she gave a lot of that to me."

Co-star Daniel calls Kate, "Unbelievable; I watched her rehearsing -- she was just wonderful."And director Rob Marshall says, "I was so surprised, and that's why we basically created a role for her. And we wrote this song ["Cinema Italiano"] for Kate -- she was so thrilled to do something she had trained for."
Kate's a lot more modest about her performance, however. Thinking about what nearly six-year-old son Ryder will say about the film, "I think he's gonna be more into [his dad Chris Robinson's] rock-and-roll thing. I think he's gonna be like, 'Oh, mom and her sparkles.'"

Kate adds that she got to know Nicole and Penelope Cruz very well during the shoot because they all lived in the same London apartment complex.
"It was fascinating to be able to dance and sing and learn and play with all of these women and really get to know them," says Nicole. "That just doesn't happen often and I think we're really tight because of it."

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