Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stars' Tears At The End Of Nine

Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Dame Judi Dench broke down in tears when they finished shooting movie musical Nine - because they had become such good friends on-set. The actresses enjoyed wining and dining together throughout filming and they couldn't bear to be parted when the shoot wrapped.

Screen veteran Loren says, "It was like being a family. We were so happy. Everyone thought that all these actresses together would start a fire or something, but we got on so well."

"Nicole Kidman had her baby with her all the time and seemed so contented when her husband (Keith Urban) came on the set; Judi Dench was so funny in that way only the English can be, and Penelope Cruz was very Spanish. We all sang and we all danced and we were drunk with music on the set. We cried when we parted, which is something that generally doesn't happen on films." »


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