Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who is Who ? - Carla Albanèse [1/8]

Name: ALBANESE Carla
Interpreted by : Penelope Cruz

Nationality: Italian
Her relation to Guido: His Mistress
Her Song: A Call from the Vatican

Description: Carla is Guido's mistress. She telephones him in Venice while he is vacationing with his wife, and he must pretend that it is the Vatican calling to confirm his film shoot there. This leads to the song "Call From the Vatican," in which a naked Carla tells Guido all the things she'd like to do to him.

Penelope Cruz said about her character "Carla and Guido's relationship has been going for many years. We don't see where they comme from, but you can imagine that their relationship has been going on five years or longer, and that they have a history together thaht they've been hiding. It's something thaht he doesn't want to let go of, and it makes her suffer a lot because she always hope that it will become something else. But she knows how he is: he's also married"

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